So, you picked up Street. You’re probably sitting in class, not even trying to hide that you’re not paying attention to a single thing the professor says. Or you’re in Houston, eating overpriced sushi, reading the magazine because you’re sick of talking to people (or they’re sick of talking to you). Regardless: it’s Thursday, and you’ve checked out.

I know exactly how you feel. For me, Thursday is the day I come down off of the high that producing this magazine every week puts me on. Sometime around 3 p.m., something clicks — I’m done for the week, and no professor is capable of snapping me back into work mode.

Weekends are something I hold sacred. As Street’s ex-EIC Julia writes in this week’s Word on the Street (pg. 3), my Penn world is so incredibly fast paced that I can’t blame myself if I don’t get anything at all accomplished over the weekend. All-nighters, constant emails and perpetual deadlines during the week won’t faze me, as long as my weekends are devoted to three things, and three things only: sleeping, chilling and going out.

My friends tell me this is an unhealthy way to approach my workload. “Spread it out!” they say; “just don’t sleep all day on the weekends, and you’ll have an easier week.” But they simply don’t understand that in order to relax, I cannot even begin to think about all that Penn demands of me.

So, in the words of Kerry Golds, here’s to you. Here’s to you, my fellow Weekenders (cultural references, intended). Go ahead and ignore that stodgy professor, or the swarm of overpriced-sushi-eating sorority girls around you, and sink into Street. Check out the feature (pg. 10), all about a former suit who (like us, but permanently) gave up the fast lane for his South Street music studio.

If our indepth look at Philigrafika (pg. 16), Philly's upcoming print festival, isn't distracting enough, get lost in arguments over the legitimacy of Lady GaGa (pg. 14) and Avatar (pg. 8). Oh, and we're introducing Highbrow's new gossip feature: Toasts and Roasts. Go ahead, get your fix.

'til next week,



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