There is something deliciously ironic about the I. Goldberg Army and Navy store, namely that it is — of all things — a hipster’s paradise. Sure, hipsters may decry being labeled as such, but could they deny a $12 neon orange sweatshirt?

I. Goldberg is perhaps the last place you would expect to find cool duds. Military surplus stores tend to be associated with combat boots and camouflage, after all. While you can indeed purchase whatever you may need for a theme party and/or Halloween here (coveralls and traffic vests included), you can also find ‘80s-style multicolored windbreakers.

There are plaid shirts and oversized sweaters, Hanes v-necks and Levi’s. The t-shirt section features tees emblazoned with the ubiquitous Che graphic and Hebrew Coca-Cola logo. Need some patches to sew onto your Manhattan Portage bag? They have those too, along with some Chucks if yours are looking ratty (even though you like them that way). You can even find keffiyehs, except I. Goldberg calls them “shemagh tactical desert scarves.”

Despite this startling array of Fishtown-approved gear, I. Goldberg isn’t without faults. For one, all three floors are permeated by a weird smell that reminds you that you aren’t, in fact, in American Apparel. The floors are dirty, the drop ceilings are low and the lighting is painfully fluorescent. Also, the store tends to stock large sizes, so 4XLs often outnumber smalls.

The basement floor acts as a clearance sale space, but the back wall is lined with army duffles from all over Europe: France, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic. The top floor is stocked with camping merchandise, including SIGG water bottles and sleeping bags. There is also an impressive selection of fleece and down jackets.

While brand-name apparel (North Face, Columbia) is priced normally, harder-to-come-by gems are often a steal. Black steel shank rubber boots — a great alternative to Hunter rain boots — will run you $30. A cool pair of perforated leather motorcycle gloves is just $25.

That is all to say, don’t judge a book by its cover … or a store by its name, appearance and reputation. Also, don’t spring for the Marilyn Manson-emblazoned man purse. Just … no.

I. Goldberg Army and Navy

1300 Chestnut St. (215) 925–9393

Category: “Military” apparel Price Range: ? (sweatshirts are $12, but full-priced North Faces are $150+) Bottom Line: Plenty of hipster gear among the camo.