Three words describe “Carmelita Couture” on North 3rd Street: Tame Lady Gaga. If you have admired any single feature of Gaga’s traffic-stopping ensembles, you will likely find it at this newly opened boutique.

Carmelita Martell calls her designs “wearable art,” clothing that give customers the benefit of high fashion while still versatile and affordable. Her clothes also wear the Hollywood stamp; they have been worn by the Kardashian girls, stars of Desperate Housewives as well as former American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

With red walls, polished hardwood floors and ambient lighting, the store itself is cozy. Martell makes her clothes in the store and wholesales them around the world.

If you are a fan of Urban Outfitter’s funky looks, you should probably check out Carmelita Couture. Constructed of vinyl, silk and organza, the evening/party dresses at this store are particularly creative. A blue debutante dress with an asymmetric African lace underskirt and a black poncho dress pepped up with tiger print sleeves are some examples of Martell’s fashion forward asthetic.

The dresses, which start at $200, are a beautiful blend of avante garde and classic fashion — ideal for that special event where you want to look a bit bolder and more impressive than every one else.

The store also features animal print jumpsuits between $200 and $400, plastic skirts for $300 and organza ruffled pants for $425, but I wouldn’t give them as strong a recommendation as I give the dresses. How many blood red jumpsuits have you seen around campus?

In conclusion, this store has some beautifully strange and original dresses that you can pick for a swanky evening out. And even if you can’t really see yourself wearing one of Carmelita’s bold animal prints, likelike Lady Gaga’s body suits, you can at least gape in open mouthed wonder...