Penn students don’t often venture to Drexel’s campus, but there’s at least one destination that is worth checking out. A slightly more upscale version of Marathon Grill, Landmark Americana offers an alcohol–friendly environment and typical American fare with a few surprises.

We dined on Friday night, and there wasn’t an empty table in the entire place. As we walked through the sizeable restaurant to reach our seats, the conversation was animated and the atmosphere energetic yet relaxed. With Arcade Fire and Green Day playing in the background, college students were letting loose after a long week, enjoying beers and watching sports on the large flatscreens.

We wanted to start off with the crab fondue ($10.99), but unfortunately the kitchen was out. We settled instead on the Spicy Tuna Egg Rolls ($10.99), which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Flash fried and served with a ginger sauce, this Asian fusion dish provided the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, complementing the flavor of the raw tuna.

We also tried the Landmark Combo ($11.99) a sampler of quesadillas, chicken fingers and old bay fries, which came with delicious cheese and honey mustard sauces. However, the chicken fingers and quesadillas offered nothing new in terms of flavor. We’d recommend just sticking to an order of fries, perhaps of the beer battered variety ($5.99). And though we didn’t get a chance to try them, we hear the Landmark Nachos ($11.99) are not to be missed.

Most entrees come with a soup or salad, so we enjoyed seafood bisque and a Caesar. We were expecting typical bland sides, but instead were surprised by an uncompromisingly flavorful salad, perfectly tangy and crisp, and a delicious soup. Bringing out but not overwhelming us with the strong taste of lobster and clam, the bisque was a highlight of the night.

Our expectations were high after these starters, and the Chicken Imperial ($19.99) delivered. It is perhaps the restaurant’s most adventurous dish, featuring grilled chicken topped with crabmeat stuffing, diced tomatoes, a lemon–caper cream sauce and our favorite vegetable, asparagus. Unfortunately, our second entree, the prime rib ($19.99), was disappointing. The huge slab of meat was overwhelming and suspiciously devoid of the promised au jus. The meat was hardly moist enough to make it down without a gulp of water. The only good thing about this entree was the encore performance of the tasty fries, which came included.

Ultimately, while we can find similar food at cheaper places elsewhere, Landmark nurtures an atmosphere that Marathon can’t hope to match. It has a youthful energy and key staples (did we mention the cheese fries?) that will keep us coming back for more. And the huge selection of beers and amazing Happy Hour discounts are sure to please. Landmark Americana is best enjoyed with a large group, where alcohol can flow and the huge portions can be shared.

Landmark Americana

3333 Market St.

(215) 222–4500

Don’t Miss: Various seafood dishes, fries

Skip This: Prime Rib