Sunday, Nov. 21: Concerts First presents the Next Big Thing Tour, The Trocadero, $15

What do Bedlight for Blue Eyes, the Early November, and the Josephine Collective have in common? They were all discovered on the Next Big Thing Tour, a cross–country exposition of indie rock up–and–comers. Check out this year’s as–yet–unannounced line–up and see if you can spot some new talent.

Monday, Nov. 22: Delorean with Lemonade and Light Pollution, First Unitarian Church, $12

This Spanish foursome, appropriately named after a certain famous time–traveling vehicle, certainly evokes the sounds of yesteryear with their brand of sunkissed electro–pop. Taking a cue from the '90s club hits of Europe’s dance capital, Ibiza, Delorean fully embraced an electronic production process for 2010’s Subiza, laying down synthesized riffs over drum machine beats.


Now — Nov. 20: Nine, University of the Arts School of Theatre, $5–20

This musical, based on the iconic Fellini film 8½ , follows an egotistical Italian film auteur as he attempts to get over his midlife crisis with a cinematic masterpiece that trumps his previous successes. Plagued by the voices of his past lovers, he must overcome guilt and regret to salvage his marriage. The film starring Daniel Day–Louis might have flopped, but a gaggle of arts college kids might have just the right stuff to deliver an inspiring production.

Now — Nov. 21: The Long Dinner, presented by A Bed of Nails, Shubin Theatre

If your dreading awkward Turkey Day interactions with your relatives, a viewing of this drama by Andy Petit might help you realize how good you really have it. A semi–autographical tale about a meal with the in–laws, The Long Dinner is a tale of clashing personalities and deep–seated resentment that’ll make your grandparents look tame.


Nov.19: Date Night at the Clay Studio, $30–35

Are you not only single, but artistically minded, bored with the typical bros and hoes that Penn has to offer? What better way to pick up the tortured sculptor of your dreams than at this beer — and wine — fueled potter’s mixer? No experience is required, and we can bet you’ll find a hottie to sensually guide your hands along the clay, Patrick–Swayze–in–Ghost style.