Best for Hipster Sex: The xx The xx are the band that's launched a (hundred) thousand make–out seshes. Their music is simple, sexy and stripped down — just like you'll be when you put it on. Worst for Hipster Sex: Neutral Milk Hotel

Best for Euro Sex: Tiesto Nostalgic for that semester abroad in Europe? Put on some Tiesto and let your imagination take you back to that magical night in a sweaty Ibiza club bathroom. Worst for Euro Sex: Rusko

Best for Computer Nerd Sex: They Might Be Giants Making songs that are usually somewhere between a love song and a history lesson, They Might Be Giants might be one of the nerdiest bands we know of. Their enchanting melodies and awkward aesthetic will make for the perfect evening of awkward nerd lovemaking. Worst for Computer Nerd Sex: Daft Punk (No, nerds, girls don't think "Harder Better Faster Stronger" is clever or sexy. Just don't go there.)

Best for '90s Sex: Radiohead Before they became the Biggest Band in the World, Radiohead made The Bends, their powerful, nearly perfect '90s rock opus. It's the greatest bedroom background music for an evening as beautifully tender as Thom Yorke's voice. Worst for '90s Sex: Eiffel 65 (Remember "I'm Blue"? Yeah. Them.)

Best for Drug Sex: Sublime So you've smoked a bowl with that special someone and you're cuddling with some Cheetoes and you notice — what? — there's no music on. Do not fear; "Badfish," the chill classic by amicable potheads Sublime, will get you off… of this reef. Worst for Drug Sex: Weezer


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