My best friend is from London, so in the six years I’ve known her, I’ve had to make some compromises. A lift is still an elevator, and I’m not queueing for anything in the near future, but I have grown partial to a few things from the Old Country. You should get them.

1. Gin: One summer, I drove around with a plastic fifth of Gordon's in my glove compartment. I'm not proud of that, but I avoided eight weeks of Popov.

2. Colin Firth: In my perfect world, Colin Firth will love my wobbly bits.

3. Hats: I don't really wear hats — I have a funny shaped head. Still, I like knowing we live in a world in which other people (like Kate Middleton) look lovely in them.

4. Toast: Leave me on an island with a battery operated toaster, a loaf of real bread and something to spread on it.

5. Union Jack underwear: I don't know why I love these. I've had a pair since I was ten (not the same ones). Aren't they funny?