At Your Favorite Eatery

1601 Café (1601 S. 10th St.)

Locatelli–Romano fries with white truffle essence, $6. At only six bucks, anyone can afford this gourmet take on classic snack food — yes, even your roommate double–majoring in Creative Writing and Drama.

Fish (1234 Locust St.)

Skate wing with truffled spätzle, leeks, parmesan and summer truffles, $13. Dine (somewhat) thriftily with this pan–seared skate wing from Fish.  A great place for a first date with that girl you’re "almost positive" you hooked up with during NSO.

City Tap House (3925 Walnut)

Brick oven pizza with mushrooms, taleggio cheese, fried egg and black truffle, $15. You have to get sick of Allegro’s at some point, so why not check out the other pizza campus has to offer?

Le Castagne (1920 Chestnut St.)

Gnocchi in a white cream truffle sauce, $21. Trying to impress your new secret society? Reserve the dining room for a private party, spark some Cubans and show them just how sophisticated your palette is with this decadent gnocchi plating.


At the Grocery Store

Italian Truffle Cheese $11.99/lb. @ Trader Joe’s

Soft, buttery cheese with small bits of black truffle throughout. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly sparse truffle bits, this cheese is aromatic and wonderful. Whole blocks of this stuff have known to be consumed in one sitting. Don’t ask us how we know that.

Truffle Mousse Pâté $6.00/8oz @ Trader Joe’s

For those with more sophisticated tastes, try a chicken liver mousse with, you guessed it, bits of black truffles. We know, we know, chicken liver mousse? But trust us, this stuff is good. Smooth as silk, savory and of course, full of truffly goodness. Serve it on some nice crackers.

Truffle Salt $29.99/3.5oz @ Williams-Sonoma

Okay, we know this seems pricey, but this stuff goes a long way. Made with black summer truffles, this salt is the real deal. Put it on popcorn, sprinkle it on toast or give your veggies a salty punch.  Use it on food with mild flavors so as not to overpower the truffle salt. You never overpower the truffle salt.


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