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Jack LaViolette


Review: Fitler Dining Room

Fit for Friday night.


Get down with the best frozen treats in Philly.

Five Days of Spring Snacks

Granola bars, like puffy coats, are so last season.

Beyond a Pint of Ice Cream: A Food & Drink Guide to Coping With Singledom

If you’re like too many of us, Valentine’s Day is nothing but a source of painful introspection and loneliness. Ditch that pint of Ben and Jerry’s and use this simple guide to help you (and your single friends) cope, one meal at a time.

Spot Burgers: See Spot Yum

On a block crowded with food trucks, Josh Kim’s SPOT Burgers stands out

Toro Y Moi — "Anything in Return"

Toro y Moi’s latest studio album, “Anything in Return,” is most strongly characterized by its subtlety.

Rihanna - "Unapologetic"

According to Metacritic, “Unapologetic,” Rihanna’s latest studio album, is receiving “generally favorable” reviews.

Review: Soundgarden - "King Animal"

Chris Cornell and Soundgarden are back after 16 years without a studio record with the upcoming release of "King Animal." Listening to the album, it’s pretty hard to believe that the grunge gods are in their forties.

Get Up Offa That Thing

…and let Street satisfy your culture cravings every week with these Philly arts finds.

Album Review: Public Enemy - "Evil Empire of Everything"

The second of two 2012 releases from Public Enemy, “Evil Empire of Everything” marks the hip–hop icons’ 12th studio album.

Donut Miss This

New location. Same delicious, healthy fare.

Concert Recap: Titus Andronicus and Ceremony

It’s always a good feeling — or, at least, a holistically satisfying feeling — when you leave a show with your ears ringing, covered in equal parts your own sweat, other people’s sweat, and beer.  That was the case after walking out of the basement of the First Unitarian Church near 21st and Chestnut after the Titus Andronicus show, opened by hardcore –favorite Ceremony. While Titus Andronicus is often grouped in the post– and pop–punk families, their musical influences are just as strongly rooted in indie rock.  A lot of their fans were well into their twenties and preferred to inconspicuously bob their heads and sip their microbrews, while the younger crowd raucously danced right up next to the stage.  Ceremony, on the other hand — a band who probably would have headlined at a more strictly punk show — brought the pissed–off adolescents in droves.  The mosh pit immediately got underway when Ceremony took the stage, complete with kids running on stage and singing into the mic until someone else got up and tackled them — not necessarily my scene, but it was fun to watch Ceremony play some of their best songs from 2010's “Rohnert Park.” Titus Andronicus released their new album, “Local Business,” only a couple days before the show, so naturally they did a few new songs to show off the material.  The bulk of the show was taken from their album “The Monitor,” with which the crowd was extremely familiar.  Songs like “Richard II” had everyone in full sing–along mode.  They played an extremely long set — well over two hours — that vacillated between slow build–ups and rocking choruses.  The crowd was extremely receptive, as has been typical at First Unitarian.  The show was a great mix of two bands different enough to have distinct sets, yet with enough cohesion to not feel incongruous.

Punk Arcade

Ever been to a traveling DIY games exhibit? That’s what we thought. Hop on Septa and check out this alternative arcade on its last weekend in Philly.

Album Review: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!"

With the release of "Allelujah!

Oh Hot Damn, This Is My Jam

One guy’s experience just making jam in Virginia.

Concert Recap: Grimes

Grimes at Union Transfer

African Food in West Philly

Just moved here from Africa? The center of Philadelphia’s Ethiopian, Senegalese, Malian and many other African communities, West Philly boasts a plethora of African restaurants that will have you feeling right at home.

Purity Ring Concert Recap

There’s something unique about going to see a show at the First Unitarian Church. You walk downstairs to the sweaty, subterranean hall and push your way past a crowd of flannelled, snap-backed U Arts kids crammed right up to the stage.

Everyday I'm Truffle-ing

Your work–study salary can do better than Wawa hoagies. Below, some ways to enjoy truffles — some cheap, some not.

Hidden Gems: “Electric and Benevolent” The Extraordinaires, 2009

With the release of their newest album, "Electric and Benevolent," Philly’s own indie quintet The Extraordinaires seems poised to chisel out their own niche in the brimming East Coast indie scene.
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