A–Space (4722 Baltimore Ave.) A self–titled “anarchist community space,” A–Space is run by a group of anarchists who collectively run every aspect of its business. As such, it hosts weekly community service projects, art shows and interest meetings. Perhaps one of Philly’s most curious locations, A–Space is an experiment in anarchy for the public good ­— one which seems to work for the most part.


Mariposa Co–Op (4824 Baltimore Ave.) Mariposa, roughly a block away from The Marvelous, is a unique institution. By purchasing membership with the co–op, you can buy locally–sourced, organic produce at a lower price point and even help make the store’s managerial decisions. Just like A–Space, Mariposa is a further expansion of consumer democracy in West Philly, particularly on Baltimore, where it appears most rampant.

Fu–Wah Mini Market (810 S. 47th St.) Street eds agree: this sketchy–on–the–outside, standard–on–the–inside mini–mart is the place to go for homemade Vietnamese hoagies, or Banh–Mi. If you’re heading to The Marvelous, stop by Fu–Wah first for a spicy bite of Vietnamese culture.



A Liquor Store (4906 Baltimore Ave.) Though tinier and less well–stocked than its Center City bretheren, Penn’s (now) closest liqour store is just a few steps away from The Marvelous. The staff is friendly, even sometimes nurturing, and its proximity to the myriad BYOs in the area means you never have to go to dinner sober.