The guy I am hooking up with says that it’s hard for him to get it up when he’s wearing a condom? Is that a thing? I mean he’s had problems with it while we’ve been hooking up, but I don’t know how to solve it, because I’m not comfortable with him not using one. 

Guys will often say that condoms “make him feel it less” or that they “don’t use condoms.” There is some truth behind this. Condoms create a different sensation and often make men lose some sensitivity (but certainly not all). My personal rule of thumb is that if a guy doesn’t want to lose mild sensitivity, he is not sensitive enough to have sex with. Just think: if you aren’t exclusive or even if he has had sex with other people before you met, he likely didn’t wear a condom with them, and that is a recipe for syphilis.

Should the problem become really hard (or rather, soft) for both of you, there are some tricks to try to make your experience not only safe but better for him, too. Yes, the ones at the LGBT center are free, but if you fork up the big bucks at CVS you can get condoms that are thinner and help with the sensitivity issue. Also trying different lubricants can help to stimulate feeling. Or try a female condom. It will feel different, but since he doesn’t have to put it on, it might help psychologically.

But in any case, please maintain some semblance of condom sense. Please. I really don’t want to see y’all birthin’ no babies.

My sorority has a lot of mixers at this one frat. I‘ve hooked up with multiple brothers, but I don’t want it to be weird because a lot of them are nice guys. How can I make it not awkward at parties?

There are three types of frat boys that you will have sex with in this world: the territorial dog, the annoyingly too chill brah and the blackout faker. The challenge is to determine which categories your ex–lays fall into. Two of the three will not make situations expressly awkward—the one you have to watch out for is the territorial dog. Not only is he usually the annoying Alpha male type, but he’s also fiercely competitive, especially with his brothers and close friends. He will try to treat you like a fire hydrant that he has just peed on. Sleeping with one Alpha is not a huge deal, but sleeping with multiple is when the fights start.

The other two are annoying, but are pretty harmless if you’re secure in your decisions. The chill brah will acknowledge that you slept with him but won’t really care. This might be hard for you if you really liked him, but it won’t be awkward. The blackout faker is my least favorite. He will pretend he never met you even though you both know you’ve seen each other naked. It will be awkward because you know and he knows. Try saying hello. Once you create an acquaintance–ship outside sex, the awkwardness will be a thing of the past.

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