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Miss Cassandra


Ask Miss Cassandra: Confronting Your Demons if You're Sensitive to Semen

Fresh from a holiday in Palm Springs, Penn’s very own sex guru has returned to answer your questions. Mama’s back, children.

Ask McCassandra: McDonald's and McCuddles

This article was originally published as part of the joke issue on 12.5.2013 How can I spice up my sex life? If there’s one question that Miss Cassandra gets over and over, it’s this one.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Ingrown Hairs and Threesomes Laid–Bare

So I keep getting ingrown hair and I know it’s ingrown hairs and not an STD, but I’m worried that other people won’t.

Ask Miss Cassandra: When your Partner is Out East and the STI Beasts

Dear Miss Cassandra, my boyfriend is in London for the semester and I want to try Skype sex.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Do U Lift Brah and the Vibrator–Ga–Ga

Whey to go, bruh

Ask Miss Cassandra: Hopping Frats Boys and Clothing Your Boy's Toy

The guy I am hooking up with says that it’s hard for him to get it up when he’s wearing a condom?

Ask Miss Cassandra: Smells that Linger and Eastern Europeans that Don't

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now and everything has always been great in bed.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Fixing Oral Without Swallowing Your Morals

I’m afraid that I’m bad at oral sex.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Sexy Chats and Turning Sex into Chats

Dear Miss Cassandra, I love porn. But lately, porn hasn’t been doing much to satisfy me.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Anal Tearing and Mantis Pairing

So I had anal sex last night and kind of, like, ripped my anus.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Tests and Tiny Testes and Todgers

I know last week you said size doesn't matter, but my boyfriend is on the smaller side. I think it is hurting our sex life.

Word on the Street: Dear Freshmeat

Street, like our distant cousin the Daily Pennsylvanian, would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Penn.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Experimentation and Painful Pelvic Frustration

I really want to experiment with girls. Is it ok for straight girls to do that? Like is that ethically ok?

Ask Miss Cassandra: Of Sex Appeal and Sexperience

How do you get over the fact that a person you’re interested in has an ex that is more attractive than you? First, I am going to stop you.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Periods and Serials

Can you have sex while on your period? Short answer, yes. Having sex while on your period is often seen as gross.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Cosmo's Pizza Cuddles and Spooning with Sperm Puddles

Can spooning naked get you pregnant? Most likely no.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Butt Hurts and Herpes Spurts

Should I try anal sex? (I am a woman). Miss Cassandra is always in favor of trying new things, but you seem a little hesitant.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Plan (O)B(GYN)

When should I start seeing an OB/GYN?

Ask Miss Cassandra: Of Scissors and Supposedly Sinister Misters

How do lesbians scissor? I am going to stop you right there.

Ask Miss Cassandra: Losing Your V–Card and Improving Your Gaydar

I’m very curious about your opinion on losing your virginity, perhaps in a strange place.
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