Yesterday I went downtown to treat myself to a haircut and some much needed off–campus alone time. Seated comfortably in the safety of the rear¬–most station, I was ready to let my mind wander from the consuming topics of the Penn bubble. The small talk from my stylist was more than welcome, it was necessary for my peace of mind.

Except she didn’t want to small talk, she wanted to dig right into what was consuming me. Did I know any of the students who died? Can I believe what’s going on? And then she asked me if I read that article from a campus magazine about the university’s response to student deaths. A client had told her about it. Yeah, I read it.

While I wanted to be angry that my escape was being ruined, I wasn’t. I was proud that something so dear to me had started such an important dialogue. With the events of this week, I’m even more grateful that the dialogue continues. And I’m going to keep talking about it until something changes. I hope you’ll join me.