Replace Timber ft. Ke$ha” by Pitbull: Because we’re tired of Pitbull’s “DALE” and Ke$ha’s sparkles.

With Come Alive ft. Toro y Moi” by Chromeo: Because you won’t be able to stop the fist–pumping action once it starts


Replace Counting Stars” by OneRepublic: Because sappy lyrics are soooo “early 2000’s”.

With Stay In Love (ft. Sam Sparro)” by PLASTIC PLATES: Because you’ll fall in love, and stay in love.


Replace Happy” by Pharell: Because Pharell is old. You need to move on.

With Together” by Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers, Disclosure and Jimmy Napes: Because Sam Smith’s smooth voice made his way into Disclosure’s “Latch” and Pharell’s did not.


Replace Royals” by Lorde: Because “Royals” is overplayed, and Lorde is Empress of the Lizard People.

With This is What it Feels Like” by Banks: Because Banks is the new meteoric female powerhouse.


Replace Talk Dirty ft. 2 Chainz” by Jason Derulo: Because this pair is the epitome of middle school meets college.

With Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife ft. SPZRKT” by Sango: Because this is the real way to get down.


Replace Hey Brother” by Avicii: Because Avicii says it himself—“there’s an endless road to be discovered.” You need new music.

With Fool” by Jerome LOL: Because this playful and jazzy DJ does not mess with repetition.


Replace The Monster ft. Rihanna” by Eminem: Because this duo will never be able to top “Love The Way You Lie.”

With Wildest Moments ft. A$AP Rocky” by Jessie Ware: Because you never thought that these two would come together, let alone blow you away.


Replace Demons” by Imagine Dragons: Because after the 200th time, the emotional climax of yelling “UNLESS YOU SHOW ME HOW” just gets old.

With All” by Blackbird Blackbird: Because they’re dropping a new single soon, so get familiar with this.


Replace Burn” by Ellie Goulding: Because we don’t “got the fire” anymore, Ellie. It’s out. We're over it. Love you, mean it.

With Chain My Name” by POLIÇA: Because POLIÇA’s unique voice and charming lyrics chain you to her name.


Replace Let Her Go” by Passenger: Because “hoping one day you’ll make a dream last” won’t make your song last. BOOM.

With Talking Backwards” by Real Estate: Because they’re the perfect band to pull you out of your homework blues.


Replace Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake: Because every artist you can think of has remixed this song in every possible way.

With Perfect Like You” by Ricoshëi: Because you love soulful beats and seductive compliments.