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Ariela Osuna



You don’t get to pick where you were born. And yet, your birthplace has the power to determine your professional career more than any degree can. An Ivy League education doesn't open nearly as many doors for international students as you'd expect. 

Backpage Presents: Shoutouts Illustrated

The Downtown Boycott

There are benefits to ditching the scene and finding fulfilling activities outside the realm of bouncers and bartenders.

In High Demand

A cost-benefit analysis of decriminalization

Album Review: "Goddess"—Banks

Backpage: Your NSO Fortune Teller

What does the year hold?

Review: 50 Cent—"Animal Ambition"

Animal instincts failed Fiddy.

All Black Everything: Essential Rules for Taking the Color out of Your Wardrobe

Rocking black is not just for Theta. All while seeming effortless, a black color palette is sleek, flattering and edgy. In its simplicity, an all–black ensemble allows you to experiment with different cuts and proportions. Here are some ways to pull off noir without looking outdated.

The Perfect Cures for Songs Stuck on Repeat

That Top 40 song still stuck in your head? Shake it off. Listen to these jams instead.

Word on the Street: What's my Age Again?

“Are you a freshman?” I slurred through a vodka cranberry haze as I flirted with the first hot guy I met during NSO this semester.

Grammy Drinking Games

Whether you’re holed up in Huntsman or having a sofa cuddle sesh with your Sunday night hookup, the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards give us a chance to pull out the Chardonnay. Bankers and Natty Light also acceptable.

“Mind Over Matter" by Young The Giant Review

Aside from breakout singles “Cough Syrup” and “My Body,” Young the Giant’s 2010 debut album was far from noteworthy.

Hidden Gem

We’ve discovered McD’s best kept secret.

Remix Wednesday: “Girls”—The 1975 (The Knocks Remix)

Leave it to electronic music duo The Knocks to surprise you with an unexpected twist. "Girls", by British band the 1975, is an 80's punk influenced song with  youthful pop lyrics.

Contrapposto: Taking a Stance on the Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Penn’s recently opened Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology, designed by Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi, is an impressive structure.

Interview: Julie Kathryn

Following the release of her debut studio album, “Black Trees,” Julie Kathryn will be performing at the Kelly Writer’s House today, Oct.

College Hookups: Music Poster Edition

Typical college scenario: a few extra drinks at Smoke’s and raging hormones find you at a stranger’s place staring at a stranger’s posters. It turns out that Bob Marley poster—and those other poster fair staples­—mean more than you think...

Review: "Melophobia"—Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant’s third studio album, ironically titled “Melophobia” (meaning the fear of music), is a ten–track musical cacophony that makes for thrilling listening.

Interview: Bastille

You Have to Listen to This: Little Daylight

I take it as fact that whenever I unintentionally see a musician or band live, I will become obsessed with them.
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