This week Street is talking about the one thing you’re not supposed to talk about. No, not drugs, sex, or a woman’s age—money. We’re writing about where to spend it, how to save it, and who’s got the most of it (JK that would be absolutely inappropriate). We hope to have done it with some amount of tact and grace, but then again, that’s not really our style, so sorry if we’ve offended you with our coverage of $100 cheesesteaks.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned at Penn, it’s that money rules everything (and I will never get a marketing internship that will pay close to investment banking). Your social life depends on it, your coffee order depends on it, your ability to save 20 minutes by cabbing to class at the PMA instead of walking depends on it. And yet we never talk about it outside of asking someone to “just venmo me.”

As always, Street wants you to start talking. If you are forced to get coffee with some younger/older member of whatever organization you joined this semester, here’s a juicy and controversial conversation topic. Start small, maybe with how expensive HubBub’s lattes are, and when the moment is right, tackle financial aid and the gap between what covers tuition and lifestyle. Plus we’ve got you covered on everything in between. And as our gift to you, keep this magazine—fo' free