Welcome to Street’s first annual Style Guide, the chicest issue of the year. People are always telling us how good we look, so, naturally, we decided to share our secrets.

Since I (Chloe) wear black leg- gings everyday, we thought it would be best to put someone else in charge. Meet, Conor. He owns short–er–alls. Street fashion is a little different.

Street Style is the cooler older brother of the late Shopping Guide. Instead of irrelevant retail reviews, the Style guide (we hope) tells you things you actually care to know— including making fun of poorly– dressed peers and Amy Gutmann. It’s all the Street snark you know and love, dressed up and headed downtown.

-Chloe Bower

This issue is all about the realities of being a Penn student who strug- gles to get ready every morning. Find the perfect outfit for fling (pg. 14), rock black (pg. 22) and fight with each other about the accept- ability of sneaker wedges (pg. 3). We know we’re not The Walk and we’re not trying to be. Instead, we want to be right there with you in your too–small Quad closet, keep- ing fashion grounded and student– oriented.

That being said, it’s our first time doing this and we’d love to hear what you think. Usually, your rude comments about the Roundup just piss us off, but this time, bring it on. We made this issue to serve you, our readers, and we want to do it well.