When I used to sit in class and watch people open 34st.com, I would cringe. It was painfully slow (no, it wasn’t your internet connection) and almost immediately after I saw our logo appear on the screen, I knew it would be disappearing soon enough. I worked hours and hours on this incredible product and our stupid Wordpress mess was driving people to click the red X in herds (No offense to our friends who built the site a few years ago; it’s not your fault that we didn’t have anyone to update the code).

This summer, Street was reborn. We have a shiny, speedy new site that we hope you’ll love. There are still a few kinks to be worked out — we’re open to your feedback as you find them — but we also hope you’ll be patient.

People in media talk too often about how “digital is the future.” Those people are idiots and they couldn’t be more wrong.

In my opinion, if you’re talking about digital like it’s some hot new thing, you’re way behind. Digital is the now and in many ways, I would argue, the concept of “digital” is already the past. Wearable technology is the future. Artificial intelligence is the future. Maybe even microchips inside our brains. Sure, these things are “digital,” but not the way that the media industry is still thinking about this term.

So, maybe I’m being hypocritical to my own point, but I’m still excited that Street has finally caught up and entered the modern media age. We hope to no longer be just the magazine you grab on the newsstand on Thursdays, but also the site you’re checking everyday to know what’s up at Penn. Being in the present will be a challenge, but it’s one we can’t wait to accept.