Money Trees: When a freshman from the College accidentally stumbles in to Huntsman and feels overwhelmed by all of the soon-to-be-successful people in suits.

Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe: The chorus rings true for any student walking down Locust facing off against people flyering. For those freshmen yet to figure it out, be advised: eye contact is a major no-no, and they can smell your fear.

Blessed: When classes get cancelled for a freak snowstorm, leading to snowball fights of epic proportions across campus.

Swimming Pools: Why you babysittin’ only 2 or 3 shots? I’mma show you how to turn it up a notch! It’s as though the song was made with Fling in mind: it's official turn-up anthem of college students everywhere.

Michael Jordan: Walking in to the unnecessarily non air-conditioned area of Pottruck, getting ready to show off the newly acquired fadeaway you worked on this summer. Even if you’re only going on the elliptical for five minutes, we all aspire to be “like Mike.”


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