Macklemore: “Hey, Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping?” The fur coat might get a little hot, but the pun is worth it.

Meredith Grey and Christina Yang: For a last minute dynamic duo outfit, dress up as doctors from Grey’s Anatomy. If you are a guy/girl duo sub in McDreamy or McSteamy (and find a white coat). Don’t watch Grey’s? There are plenty more medical dramas to choose from.

Christmas: Bring in the holiday spirit early as Santa, an elf, or a present. Pair this little red dress (an oversized skirt) with this cute hat (or a Santa hat) and tie a white ribbon around your waist. Ho ho ho!

Basketball player: An athlete is an easy and comfortable costume—score! You may not know the sports team you’re repping (thrift-shoppers can’t be choosers) but wearing sneakers all night will be a blessing.

GI Joe/Jane: Find your inner soldier by selecting a piece from the camo rack. Sub in items from your own wardrobe or go for a head–to–toe look. Recruit your friends if you’re planning to travel as a unit.


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