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Cami Potter


Wharton Creates “Upper-Level” Seminar Dedicated to Gaining 500 LinkedIn Connections

Do I know you? Who cares!

Election Reflection: Cami Potter C'18

Maybe four years won't change anything.

A Thrifty Guide to Costumes

Ego ventured to The Second Mile Center thrift shop in search of easy costumes on a budget.

Movies and Shows that Make us Wish we Went to a Football School

Happy Homecoming Quakers! Most likely, you won’t be watching Penn’s football team play Brown on Saturday afternoon (Ed. Note: We’ve heard our team isn’t even good. Who knew?). Instead, you should darty all day and binge watch the following all night for a proper Homecoming fix.

Top 10: Procrastinators in Van Pelt

If you’ve been by everyone’s favorite library lately, chances are, you’ve met these frenemies.

Top 10 Things to Do With Fallen Leaves

They’ll be everywhere soon enough.

Review: This is Where I Leave You

This adaptation left us feeling "meh."
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