Like so many other people, Adam Reid spends his time talking to people on the Internet and playing around on his computer. However, Reid is no Facebook stalker or Photo Booth diva (although nothing is certain). Actually, Reid is a successful producer. Using his keyboard, programs on his computer and sometimes samples from known tracks, he creates the beats for hip-hop, R&B, EDM and pop tracks. He uses his SoundCloud, his website ( and his YouTube channel to sell his music to people who then write lyrics for it.

“So many people do music that you don’t really know,” Reid says. Through his music, he has met many people online and at Penn who are aspiring artists. His music not only grants him a side job and a community but also a way to unwind. Reid uses producing to help him relax when stressed.

His introduction to music was at a young age. Reid chose the saxophone to conquer in 4th grade music class. He played in school concerts and participated in jazz band. With this, he was following in his father’s footsteps. According to Reid, is dad “plays music all over the house.” In 6th grade, Reid began messing around with GarageBand. However, he didn’t start producing until his sophomore year of high school. Besides his father, Kanye West is Reid’s biggest inspiration, because “he makes all his own music as well as writing his lyrics.”

Despite music playing such a big role in his life, Reid doesn’t see himself being a fulltime music producer. Instead, he’s planning on going for a degree in psychology and fine arts. He is excited to “keep music on the side of everything he does in life”, and continue producing for creative and social reasons, but most importantly, for fun.


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