Shots are fired (yes, a gun control pun) pretty early on in this episode with “the Taliban is better than you.” The insulter and insulted in question are Mr. and Mrs. Elliot, gun control activists. The Mrs. is the hero of a Sandy Hook–style elementary school shooting. Her husband was a POW. They are invited to the SOTU because President Grant is focusing on gun control. Yeah, his Republicanism went out the window a while ago and Lizzy Bear would be crying if that bitch had any emotions.

Meanwhile, the First Bitch has a lot of emotions and no one will leave the grieving mother alone. The press catches her eating chips in front of Jerry’s grave and they have a field day with headlines that are offensive to mentally ill people everywhere. “Madam First Crazy?” Really? If it weren’t so clever, I’d be appalled. She deals with her problems like a true southern belle: with a platter of fried chicken. She’s not so into showing up at the speech, until Abby puts her in her place, comparing Mellie to a recently widowed Jackie O. Mellie decides to show up for every American who has lost a child. She kills it at the speech, where everyone gives her a much–deserved standing ovation and then she breaks down with pearls flying. Every scene she’s in really gives me so many feels. Why is she my favorite person ever? 

Per Ms. Pope’s recommendation, which Fitz gets after saying “don’t you think you owe me at least this much?” (eww, just no), Grant uses his personal tragedy in the speech. And OMG, he doesn’t even use the teleprompter! “How many other people’s children are we going to let die before we put a stop to this?” Amen, Mr. Fake President.

In other news, Jake is into hotel booty calls and Harrison Wright’s death. Looks like our friend Creepy Charlie might be back in the mix. Still confused why Jake can’t just be Liv’s boyfriend, but it definitely has something to do with “standing in the sun,” a line the writers have really beaten dead.

Huck and Quinn have some awkward moments, and Olivia finds out about them, minus the whole tooth–removal–I’m–gonna–teach–you–a–lesson thing. Is anyone else thankful that Huck didn’t find his family? That man has some weird, abusive–dad tendencies. Speaking of abuse, those pictures of the girl David Rosen definitely did not hurt have surfaced. This is a reference to “Spies Like Us” (season two, episode six), where Harrison plants these fake photos so Abby will break up with David. But he overcomes it with some blackmail (#winning).

If you’re into the right to bear arms, Fitz reminds you that slavery is also in the constitution and basically tells all republican viewers to stop watching. Wow, political much, Shonda?

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