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Caroline Curran


Reconciling College Life When Your Mom Has an Aneurysm

I have to remind myself that leaving my parents for a few months doesn’t mean I don’t care, or that I take all of it for granted.

Alumni Spotlight: Jonah Platt, Performer Extraordinaire

The secret to this Broadway actor's success? Hemo's. 

The Voice Behind Penn Club Hockey: Luke Mullan

The commentator of Penn Men's Hockey games isn't a professional announcer, but a student just like you.

Writing Without Hearing: Deaf Author and Activist Sara Nović Visits Penn

Sara Nović's thoughts on advocacy, ableism, and Hollywood.

Ego of the Week: Anthony Anchelowitz

Street sat down with this multitalented go–getter to talk about music videos, the best part of Penn, and Cadet Kelly.

Meet the Only Girl on Stage with Penn Glee Club

What it is like to be the only female performer in an (almost) all-male musical group.

Ego of The Week: Ariana Martino

Catching up with the producer of The Vagina Monlogues after the show's successful weekend.

Dear Penn Freshmen is Relaunching for Valentine's Day

The updated Dear Penn Freshmen website will offer new letters offering advice and guidance.

Self–Care at the Schuylkill Dog Park

Visiting dog parks is the new yoga.

Ego Of The Week: Isabelle Tersio

Stepping into the world of a senior with rhythm.

Peter Stern Shares His Holocaust Survival Story

Members of Penn's community gathered at Hillel last Wednesday to listen to Stern's story.

Ego Of The Week: Lucas Bolno

Everything sticky and sweet there is to know about the father of 30–90,000 bees.

Meet Deb: the Magic Behind Magic Carpet

Getting to know the face behind your veggie burgers and vegan cookies.

Grocery Store Roundup

Grab and gro'

Street Interviews HipCityVeg founder Nicole Marquis

On Business, and Banana Whips

Street Reviews Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

A testimony of struggle, not triumph

American Horror Story: Cult Feels Like Reliving the Election

Watching American Horror Story: Cult feels a bit like reliving the election might—simultaneously tiring and maddening, only this time not nearly as unpredictable.

The Secret Life of Pets at Penn

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