1. The Fidgeter: This person can’t stay seated for more than 5 minutes. Whether they’re getting up to go to the bathroom, running for a coffee, or leaving to print something, you can bet they’ll need you to watch their stuff.
  2. The multitasker: This person has six tabs open, none of which are school related. Somehow between the online shopping and the Facebook stalking of their tail-gating friends at Michigan, this person manages to get work done (and we’re dying to know their secret).
  3. The non-stop cougher: This person coughs or clears their throat every 2 minutes and brings a slew of tissues with them. Less blowing your nose, more typing, please. They make you want to wear a mask to the library to avoid getting their bronchitis.
  4. The Chit Chatters: These two people seem to forget that they are in a quiet library. They cover it all, from the latest episode of "Scandal" to what happened at last night’s frat party. No matter how many times you glare from behind your laptop, they just won’t get the hint. 

  5. The sleeper: Library desks and couches alike are turned into this one’s personal pillow as they snooze the afternoon away.
  6. The Serial SnapChatter: Every time you look over, this person is snapping a selfie. Late nights in VP are prime time to share that it will be another #allnighter in #college. #coolstorybro. 

  7. The Loud Eater: Only at the library does this person decide that (s)he’s in the mood for chips. With the constantly crinkling bag and loud *crunch crunch crunch,* be prepared to not get any work done near him/her. 

  8. The Headbanger: There’s always that one person with the hardcore rap music at full volume. Even if you’re five desks away, you’ll still hear every word—and inevitably, it’ll be the one song you hate.
  9. The Squatter: Whether 10 am or 1am, you will always see this same person hunched over a cubicle. You may feel unproductive in comparison, but at least you see sunlight and don’t eat Mark’s Cafe sushi for dinner every night.
  10. The Placeholder: The backpack on a chair, the stack of notebooks on the desk...someone left them and it’s unclear if (s)he is ever coming back. Pro tip: just shove it over a spot.


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