In the last job interview of my recruiting season, I was asked for the first time to identify my biggest strength and weakness. I was completely unprepared. I'd never been asked that before, so I'd started to assume it only happened in TV job interviews. Kind of like how people only kiss in the rain when it's artificial rain on a Hollywood set.

I thought for a moment and came up with the following: my biggest strength is my decisiveness. In my role as Editor–in–Chief of Street, I'm often forced to make quick judgement calls and it's something that I've learned to do with ease. I take a stand, have an opinion, put my foot down.

Well, thanks to that answer, I now have a decision to make about which job to take. And I have no fucking clue what to do. Decisive my ass. The only decision I feel capable of making right now is that it is, indeed, an acceptable time for me to go to bed and stop thinking about what to do.

On Tuesday night my mom decided that I needed some cheesecake to cheer me up and celebrate my good fortune. So I cried in a Cheesecake Factory booth while the waitress repeatedly asked if we wanted anything else to drink.

I know how lucky I am to be having this crisis, but knowing that doesn't help me make this decision. Having experience making decisions doesn't help me make this decision. Even being good at making decisions wouldn't help me make this decision. Because this is a major, life–altering decision.

College has prepared me in so many ways for what's next. But nothing could prepare me for deciding what that next would be.

Anyone have a good fortune teller they can refer me to? I've got 'til Monday.


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