I’ve always said that my favorite part of being Editor–in–Chief is the opportunity to create for other people the same experiences that shaped me. As the head of the magazine, I may not be invited to all the pregames anymore and I may get a lot of shit talked behind my back, but I don’t mind. I did it when I was a younger staff member, and it defined my college experience. Street changed me. It made me tougher and at the same time more compassionate. It made me cultured and at the same time feel totally culturally unaware. It made me funnier. And it definitely made me more popular.

When I am introduced to someone on this campus, it’s almost always succeeded by “she’s the editor–in–chief of Street.” It’s who I am. It’s my identity. But, not for much longer.

I have been looking forward to this moment—to having my Wednesday nights back, to not being on call 24/7 when the website goes down, to not being constantly harassed about the Round Up—but I have been dreading writing this letter. The effect that this magazine has had on my identity, and my life, is far too profound to fit above Pat’s quirky black–box ad. Mostly because it’s hard to find the right words.

For this issue, the Identity Issue, we challenged our writers and staff to identify themselves in three words. It was my idea, and I feel slightly sadistic now that I’ve realized just how much of a challenge this is. You try. Let me know who you are (bower@34st.com@chloembower). I promise it won’t be easy to decide.

College is for many things. It’s for expanding your mind, for growing up, for broadening your horizons. For me, more than anything, it’s been for creating my identity. Thank you to everyone at 4015 Walnut who helped. I could only hope that I leave this job having done so in some small way for you.


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