Street: Are you nervous?

Dan Fine: Very.

Street: Why?

DF: I’m afraid of what you’re going to do to me.

Street: So you are a student in Wharton, you run four companies. Do you go to class?

DF: I try to. I will be taking 1.5 credits this semester.

Street: Tell us about being featured in the New York Times.

DF: That was flattering, pretty was one of those things that kind of validates everything and transcends almost every network. What’s especially cool is frankly both the validation and also the access of interest across all different domains, so from people in each of the industries that we work with, reaching out not only with congratulatory measures but also with interest in working with us on different types of projects.

Street: Which was more flattering: this or The New York Times?

DF: Definitely Street, 100%.

Street: What’s one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

DF: Always do. And what that really means is don’t just talk about it and stop going around and just asking people what they think of your idea. That’s important, but actually try and make something of it...Don’t be afraid to actually test something, start it, and really make something real.

Street: We hear you’re pretty good with names. Have you ever forgotten one?

DF: What’s yours?

Street: How many friends do you have on Facebook?

DF: Currently says maxed out at 4,999.

Street: Do you know all of them?

DF: I do. I will say that I frequently go through and have to remove because there are people...that I would rather be “Facebook official” with.

Street: How do you know so many people?

DF: I’m very shy.

Street: And very sarcastic. Who’s your biggest role model?

DF: My brother and my parents, plural.

Street: What kind of shampoo do you use?

DF: Whatever is in the shower.

Street: What’s the most scandalous thing you did over break?

DF: New Years, period.

Street: Elaborate, period.

DF: New Years was an eventful evening that transcended all of South Beach.

Street: What’s one question you would never want anyone to ask you?

DF: That’s a hard one. I’m actually not sure, but when it comes up, I’ll figure out how to faze away from it.

Street: Are you involved in anything else on campus, besides your own companies?

DF: Well I’m a senior in Apes, I’m in Bell Society, I sit on and help out with different board stuff through Penn in trying to kind of reshape the community. I mentor younger entrepreneurs pretty extensively and I am a client for two Management 100 courses, which is something that I have a lot of fun doing. And I was a swimmer! Freshman and into early sophomore year, which now nobody has a clue of anymore. But yes I was a recruited swimmer to Penn.

Street: What’s your biggest flaw/insecurity?

DF: To most people’s surprise, I’d say lack of focus and procrastination... but it drives me insane when I’ll look at a to-do list that I had a month ago and I’ll look today and it may be the exact same list....

Street: What’s on your to-do list?

DF: You. [Ed. note: cringe.]

Street: Fill in the blank: there are two types of people at Penn...

DF: Those I like and those I don’t.

Street: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

DF: Missing a belt-loop.

Street: Describe yourself in three words.

DF: Just do it.

Street: If you could live anywhere on the planet, where would it be and why?

DF: I’m gonna throw Beaver Creek, Colorado, out there right now because I would love to be there at this very minute.

Street: Why?

DF: Because it’s awesome, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, the food is great, it’s romantic.

Street: Are you a big romantic?

DF: Huge.

Street: What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve ever done for a girl?

DF: Paris.

Street: You gave Paris?

DF: Yes, I gave Paris. I presented Paris on a silver platter.

Street: If you could have a drink with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

DF: The writers of Street.

Street: You should be so lucky.

DF: Seriously. They wouldn’t even let me buy them tea.

Street: You can buy us drinks.

DF: After this you’re gonna need it. That’s not an original question though.

Street: We’ve gotten a lot of very original answers so why don’t you give us an original answer too.

DF: Nelson Mandela, because he’s someone that has truly and did truly make a difference in the world, and has commanded respect from just about everybody on this planet, and that’s something I have a huge admiration towards.

Street: Reverse fuck marry kill. Go. [Ed note: you select your own FMK options]

DF: I like this one. Marry: Mila Kunis. Fuck: Jessica Alba. Kill: Hitler.

Street: He’s dead.

DF: I can’t use that one?

Street: I totally knew that was what he was going to say—the most politically correct person to put.


Street: Boxers or briefs?

DF: Boxer-briefs.

Street: Which sorority would you be in?

DF: Tabard.

Street: Yeah right.

DF: How about top-tier?

Street: Write us an original haiku.

DF: I want to feel better. Fuck this brutal plague so very much. Please bring me to Miami.

Street: Would you rather have a vagina on your forehead or penises for fingers?

DF: Penises for fingers and wear gloves.

Street: Does your penis have a name?

DF: No.

Street: Can we name it?

DF: No!

Street: Would you let a girl name it?

DF: If she must.

Street: Describe your ideal woman. People want to know.

DF: People want to know?

Street: Asking for a friend.

DF: Fun, intelligent, interesting, pretty, sporty, funny...

Street: I’m out of the running.

DF: ...Foodie, and adventurous.

Street: Very PC. Is chivalry dead?

DF: No.

Street: Good answer.

DF: Just limited.

Street: Are you going to sue us after this interview is printed?

DF: After the interview? No. Once print comes, we’ll see.


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