Yes, this is the account your friend told you about. Yes, it's fucking awesome, and yes, your Instagram will probably never be as great, no matter how many #brunch pics you upload. Run by College senior Amanda Shulman, @StayHungree boasts over 4,000 followers and showcases some of the best food around campus, Philadelphia and the world. She'll makes your roommate’s abroad pics look amateur. With her fabulous resume, reviews and recipes, Amanda continues to remind us that it's possible to do it all—the rest of us are just inadequate.


The hometown hero, @PhiladelphiaFoodie is king of Philly–food–themed Instagram scene (a surprisingly large community). This media conglomerate shows us the best that the Philadelphia restaurant scene has to offer, and no, that's not restricted to cheesesteaks. From the Italian market to University City, @PhiladelphiaFoodie has you covered––mostly in drool.


@FomoFood is for the comfort food lovers in us all. The 'gram feature a variety of dishes and meals, but we especially love this account for its dedication to the sacred art of dessert. Whether it's a divine donut, or an ice cream sundae that's just the dopest thing you ever did see, @FomoFoodie delights, tantalizes and makes us hate our SBK 2015 diet.


Nothing says Scene more than an insta at your favorite Starr Group restaurant (Buddakan, anyone?). But if you can't insta your Parc chicken rn, follow @StarrRestaurant. Stephen Starr is the boss–ass–bitch of Philadelphia food, and his group’s Instagram account proves that. Filled with fancy meals pics as well as promotional info, @StarrRestaurant allows us to live every week like its Restaurant Week.


And last, but certainly not least, there’s Penn Dining’s illustrious instagram account. We love Penn Dining for hungover Hill brunches and Houston sushi. Yes, we tolerate their produce that feels and tastes like baby food, but hey, at least there aren’t any fruit flies in this picture of Commons baked goods!