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We’re Bringing Sexy Mac

Fifty Shades Meets Seven Cheeses

Lowbrow Works Out

Here at Lowbrow, we take working out very seriously. That's why we put together this list of workouts just in time for parka season.

What Your Favorite Nut Says About You

We all love nuts! Use this list to discover what your preference in nuts says about you.

Plaid About You

Lots of things come with fall: Ponchos, cider, mono and the return of the lumbersexual.But most importantly of all, plaid makes its triumphant return.

Best Friends or Dating?

Nonbelievers out there will insist guys and girls can't be "just friends," but these pairs are proving them wrong one platonic sleepover at a time.

Monday Mixtapes: Get Out of Your Mondaze

Music Writer Talia Sterman wants you to get you out of your Mondaze and wake you the eff up.

Overheards 02.19.15

Christian leaders at Starbucks under Commons: Coffee is like the Reformation.

Five Philly Food Instas You Should Follow

Here are your soon–to–be favorite Philly food pornographers.

Funny List Mondays: 10 Things that Get you Wet

Lowbrow gets you wet.
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