Dear Penn,

As always, we Fling Directors are very excited for this year’s Fling, Alice in Wonderland edition. Not only do we hope that you enjoy the festivities in the Quad as we transform it into Wonderland, but we also hope that you enjoyed playing mini golf and the different giveaways during Springfest. On both Friday and Saturday at the Fling table, we will also be giving away free stickers and tattoos with this year’s logo on them! Like the many Flings that came before, this weekend will be filled with tons of ways to release stress before the final weeks of school.

We’re especially excited for our daytime performances and SPEC Jazz & Grooves’ Saturday show in the Quad! It is sure to be a great time with great music.

This year will have all of the Fling favorites like fried Oreos in the Quad and free Pat’s Cheesesteaks at the Saturday night Carnival. However, be on the look out for some new additions, like Buttercream Cupcakes during the Carnival.

We’ve been so thrilled and honored to have been given the opportunity to plan Penn’s most treasured weekend along with SPEC Concerts. We would like to give a special thanks to our awesome committee, especially our sub chairs; thanks for all your hard work!

Remember, We’re All Flinging Mad Here!

Your Spring Fling Directors,

George Li, Emma Edoga, and Katie Rolin

Dear students and guests,

Spring Fling is a time when the entire undergraduate community comes together in a last joyous hurrah before the culmination of the academic year. It is also a time when new friendships are forged and good times are remembered. For two days, Penn is one in body, spirit, and sound mind. We, the Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC), are proud to provide these types of events to the community throughout the year.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of safety at this year’s Fling. At a time when thousands of students simultaneously scramble for fried Oreos, mechanical bull rides, and inflatable obstacle courses, it is especially important to be aware of any unsafe circumstances. We encourage you to enjoy Fling for what it is, not for the behavior that it can elicit. Fling Safe committee members, donning yellow t–shirts, will be available throughout Fling to ensure your safety – they are there to help you and are a great resource to seek out. Additionally, MERT will have dedicated observation areas set up in the Quad and in Franklin Field should you or your friends need their assistance.

Finally, SPEC’s directors are exceptional undergraduates who dedicate their time and effort to events that shape your time at Penn. None of our nine committees would exist without the relentless support of its dedicated members— their efforts make all of SPEC’s events possible and we would like to express a fond thank you to them.

Fling on,

Jason Fernandes, Anh Tran, Andres Martinez, and Derek Standlee

Dear Penn,

You’ve earned this show. Exams, essays, group projects, problem sets—you’ve worked hard over the past year. SPEC Concerts has worked around the clock to reward you, and more importantly, give you a reprieve from the busy lives we all lead.

Every step of the way, we worked hard with you in mind to create a concert you won’t forget. We are immensely grateful for all the support and feedback you’ve given us along the way. We were also enthused to hear the large positive reaction to the lineup. Kygo’s refreshing variety of electronic music, combined with Kesha’s undeniable energy and hits reflect what we want campus to feel this weekend: a release filled with exuberance in one another’s company.

So, go ahead. Adorn yourself in glitter. Bust out your favorite tank. But most importantly, come together, and feel your hearts beat to the beat of the drums.


Suvadip Choudhury, Billy Ford, and Kelsey Simet

A Big Thanks To:

SPEC Directors, SPEC Special Events, SPEC Exec, SPEC Concerts Committee Members, OSA Staff, AOD Staff, Penn Facilities, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Under the Button, and 34th Street

And our fantastic Fling committee members:

Rhea Singh, Izer Martinez, Aditi Vrudhula, Chelsea Awan, Rohun Patel, Kahle Mandarino, Gloria Ellis, Jessica Hundly, Claire Park, Julia Barnard, Jackie Olemberg, Fiona La, Julia Barnard, Emily Marucci, Kristine Park, Kristan Saldivar, William Morrison, Dylan Phillips, Prince Addai, Blair Freeman, Kaela Harvey, Marianna Olave, Olivia Lasche, Colleen Distefano, Lily Jones, Anu Gupta, Primrose Mangilog, and Nicole Banks