Picture of you and two cute acquaintances in a backyard

Uncle Larry: Hi darling, I made a batch of your favorite homemade lube – where should I send it?

Mom: So good seeing you Jody Pereda Wagner (ed. Note, the person pictured does not know who Jody Pereda Wagner is)

Picture of you on your bed in your dorm room

Dad: Hey sweetie be careful tonight just overnighted your plastic bedwetting sheets!

Aunt Miriam: looks like Lisa Frank exploded – hope you saved $$$ 4 ur loans

Photo of a girl and guy pre-hook up at a party

Uncle: Are you dating?

Aunt: Oh sweetie you look so cute! fishnets would really make your outfit though - your boyfriend is cute ;)

Mom: @Dad see she’s not one of those lesbos?! Phew

Dad: Take care of my daughter

Matching twin pic with your roomie

Grandma: Hi Katie, what a lovely pic! How are you? Miss you lots, I went to the museum yesterday

Grandpa: Hi Katie, you and your roommate look alike! Which one are you?

Brother: yo katie when can I visit?


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