Next time you send or receive that borderline creepy 2am text message, be properly prepared with the newest and most appropriate Netflix options for your most inappropriate endeavors. Here’s what to watch with someone you met at... 


Peaky Blinders is a Netflix original series based on a 1919 British gang “set on moving up in the world no matter the cost." Although this sounds nothing like Penn (*cough cough Wharton*) students whatsoever, some may recommend this for a Netflix and chill session with your next OCR bae. Not into historical series? Try proposing a House of Cards marathon: Just as ruthless, Kevin Spacey will definitely not leave you disappointed—at least not more than that time you messed up your hedge fund summer internship.


Warning: There is probably no recommendation that is going to make this less uncomfortable for everyone involved. However, the best possible option is probably Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s easy to seem less awkward when directly compared to literally the most awkward character ever, right? This 2015 comedy, created by Tina Fey, will definitely only appeal to a particular sense of humor, but—fortunately—if someone is awkward enough, they will laugh whether or not they actually think it’s funny. However—unfortunately—you still have to deal with someone who is probably generally uncomfortable. Not sure what else to say other than good luck.


It's possible that a documentary has never been recommended for Netflix and chill before—until now. Chef’s Table is a 2015 Netflix Original six part docu–series showing the lives and restaurants of critically acclaimed international chefs. Specifically recommended are episodes one and four: They show artistic Italian dishes and beautiful plates of sushi. If this is too sophisticated for your taste, just watch the grilled cheese and/or pasta scenes from the 2014 indie Chef. The only thing hotter than the food will be you. We all wish this were a joke. It’s not. (Ed note: This recommendation is also applicable to a Netflix and chill sesh, munchies style.)


You met at a comedy performance and you are trying to find something you will both enjoy. Maybe watch some stand–up comedy? You didn’t need to read this to figure that one out. New on Netflix as of 2015 includes: Demetri Martin: Live (At The Time), Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive and Chris Tucker—wait for it, what do you know, also—Live. All are between about an hour and an hour and a half, the perfect amount of time before getting too sleepy to actually Netflix and chill—really giving you an opportunity not to be the biggest fool in the room. Take it.


Wet Hot American Summer has been getting all the hype since its release in July. Including a big–star cast of Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks (Penn alum, omg have you, like, not heard?!), Chris Pine, Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig, this cast might be as sceney as you want to be. If you want to maybe be a little different from everyone else, try Staten Island Summer. From Saturday Night Live creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels, this hilarious yet raunchy 2015 film won't be the only thing in the room to be rated R.


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