“How was your break? Let’s get lunch this week.” Highbrow has a packed schedule with empty lunch plans. Welcome back to pointless small talk and campus, everyone.

The best plans are cancelled plans—at least most of the time. Many seniors travelling to Vegas for fall break booked their trip using JusCollege, a company that helps college students plan group trips together. Things got a little complicated when an OAX senior had to switch her flight in order to make an interview. The girl’s mother cancelled her daughter’s original flight, which was the same reservation number of every senior leaving to Vegas from Philly. By cancelling her daughter’s flight, this mother cancelled everyone’s flight to Vegas. At the airport, chaos ensued as more than forty seniors scrambled to re-purchase tickets. JusCollege will pay them back, but the trip became a shit show much sooner than they had anticipated. And after all this, the senior girl didn’t even go on the trip.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. A family that plays together, stays together—right? The parents of one A's senior had FOMO sending their son to Vegas. Instead of letting their son have all the fun, two parents travelled to Sin City as well. They had a lovely reunion in the city and partied the night away—whatever keeps you young. If mom and dad are buying...count Highbrow in.

In Vegas, it’s all about who you know. Unfortunately, a senior Frat boy befriended a casino pit manager instead of the city’s party promoters. After popping a molly (and we assume sweating), this boy had a little too much fun on the casino floor. The pit manager found him passed out at a slot machine and put him in a holding cell for the night. The next morning, however, he was released in time to meet up with his friends at the hotel’s breakfast buffet. Highbrow hears he was rejected from the majority of parties, but he seemed to keep busy and always had a slice of pizza in hand. It’s all fun and games until someone gets knocked up, down or out.

Enough with the EDM jokes—just drop them, okay? We might have fallen in the love with DJ. Highbrow hears one chick in Vegas got up close and personal with world-renowned DJ, Steve Aoki. Seniors partied at Hakkasan during Aoki’s performance, which always includes an attendee getting caked in the face. Aoki selected a fellow Quaker from the crowd and caked a TriDelt senior (Ed. note: it’s literally a cake, there is absolutely no sexual innuendo here). Maybe the frosting blurred her vision, but the girl thought Armin Van Buuren was performing the entire time. Sometimes you really can have your cake and eat it, too.

If you’re looking for a Fountain of Youth, don’t go to Vegas. While seniors partied at Vegas club Tao one evening, a group of girls noticed that kids from Emory had left their table with half a bottle of Grey Goose. Naturally, the girls took the bottle and finished it, but that last bit of booze might have pushed one girl over the edge. At the Venetian Hotel, an OAX senior felt a little pukey and yacked in the hotel’s fountain. In a desperate attempt to freshen up, she rinsed her mouth with the fountain’s water—the same water she had vomited in. Liquor, rinse, repeat. Remember: You can’t wash away your sins.


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