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Isaac Pollock


Penn 10: Luke Gooding

Through a pandemic, a gap year, and four years through the Penn ringer, Luke pivoted majors while popping and locking on the Onda Latina stage.

Film Bros Aren't Born, They're Made

There's an art to loving movies. 

'As You Like It' is Fun, Friendly, and Fluid with Gender

The Globe's newest production of the Shakespearean classic shines with its subversive gender play.

A Slightly Unhinged Recap Of Riverdale

If you want to know what happened in Riverdale but don’t want to watch almost 100 hours of TV, I’ve got your back.

In Defense of Riverdale

Taking a look at the much–maligned show after seven seasons of murder, mayhem, and all–American camp

The Successful End of the WGA Strike

The WGA has officially ratified their new contract with the AMPTP. Here’s why members are calling the deal “exceptional.”

Jonnell Burke is Only Asking for What She’s Already Due

The television writer sits down to talk about her career, her inspirations, and the WGA strike.

Intro to Feminism, Taught by Profs. Gerwig and Robbie

Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster hit is gorgeous, well–acted and –directed, and entirely lacking in its promised subversive feminist message.

A College Student's Guide to the WGA and SAG Strikes

If you want to cross into Hollywood, you don't want to cross the picket line. 

Asteroid City is a Sunbleached Story About a Story

Wes Anderson’s eleventh film, though it holds itself back, delivers a raw rumination on the innate desire to tell a story.

The Tonys Sets the Stage for Political Activism

From a scriptless ceremony to an appreciation for originality, here’s what happened at the Tonys.

Fifteen Years Later: A Retrospective on the ‘07 Writers Guild Strike

As writers in Hollywood strike once more, flashback to the 2007 WGA strike to see what rights writers were and are still fighting for.

Practically Picture–Perfect: The Problems with CGI

Do practical effects still have a place in an increasingly computer–generated media landscape?

'Somebody I Used to Know': Not Your Average Rom–Com

A roundtable with Alison Brie and Dave Franco, married couple and creators of the adult coming–of–age movie
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