• Do take someone who will look good, hold conversation without staring at your boobs and handle their liquor.
  • Don’t take a crier.
  • Don’t take the ex of a friend, and don’t take the friend of an ex.
  • Don’t take someone who’s more interested in taking photos than actually being there.
  • Don’t take someone you will inevitably run into, just in case the night doesn’t go swimmingly.
  • Looking to ask a crush? Do it, but there are some steps you need to take. See below.


  • To avoid coming off as a total creep, it is essential to familiarize yourself with your potential date. Strike up a conversation at a party, have a mutual friend casually introduce you in VP, or even DFMO if possible! Inviting someone out of the blue is fucking weird. Do not do it. A my–tie set up is the only exception.


  • Once you are somewhat acquainted, as in, you know each other exist, get their number directly from them. Do not message them out of the blue. If this seems to bold for you, a Facebook message works, assuming you are already “friends.”
  • Ask 4 days in advance. That is thoughtful, but not too eager. NO MORE THAN 5. That's too much. Asking the day of the event is a no–no. If you have to scramble, ask a friend.
  • Ask over text. Don’t ask in person. This is not about romanticism. This is about convenience. No one wants to be pressured into saying yes on their way out of class. If they don’t have time to think about it, there’s a 57% chance they’ll bail on you.
  • In your message, be straightforward. Don’t just ask if they’re free. Say what you want. No need for the niceties. Your date’s availability will probably depend on what you’re asking for anyway.
  • Plan a double date if you can, especially if you don’t know the person. Everyone appreciates a wing (wo)man…and a way out.


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