The best time for a blizzard comes right after you made a huge frogro run, just started a new series on Netflix and realized that have a midterm you haven’t studied for at all. As soon as you get home, let the heavens divide and rain down snowballs. This way, class will be canceled, your midterm will be postponed and you'll have enough food to last through the first four seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. As our dear old Frank Sinatra once sang, let it snow let it snow, let it snow.


Everyone has those days when you suddenly realize that it’s been approximately six days since you’ve showered. But you didn’t wake up early enough to shower before class, so you have to spend the rest of the day contemplating whether or not there’s enough grease in your hair to deep–fry Hip City’s sweet potato fries. This is the perfect occasion for a brief hurricane! Slip that computer case in a waterproof bag, wear the most revealing thing you own for maximum water to skin contact and step outside for nature’s shower––extreme edition.


Tornadoes are most wanted when you’re belligerently drunk at an Oz late night. The twister should come right before you pass out by the door, and carry you over the rainbow. In this land, Oz's pledge class are munchkins (everyone knows the lollipop guild was the OG fraternity), and it is your job to liberate them from the Wicked Witch of the West (aka their pledge master). When you return, you'll have an army of freshman boys willing to let you into any party they have door duty for. 


Do your professors commute?Are you seeking vengeance after an especially horrible midterm that you may or may not have actually studied for? Are your professors weirdly attached to their cars? If so, then hail is the destructive form of weather for you! If you play your cards right, the hailstorm should come after the professor arrives and is already out of his/her car.

Mist-Like Rain in Cold Weather

Never. Walking through this ground–level death cloud is cool in theory, but difficult to breathe in and excessively moist in practice. Just stay inside, release you frustration by pounding on the floor and huddle next to your dehumidifier.


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