Van Pelt Basement: You’re a Rosenparty regular. You enjoy SABSing and whisper–shouting across tables. You procrastinate by saying hi to all of your acquaintances and contemplating whether to acknowledge last semester's hookup. You tolerate the smell of gross carpet and you bursar the bad coffee and stale donuts at Mark's Café where the quasi–baristas recognize you. You even might be one of these people.

Lippincott: Without exception, you fall into one of two categories: hard–working Whartonite or member of the Scene. You're familiar with the work–study clerk who lends you your Wharton textbooks so you don’t have to carry them. You either assert your dominance by subjecting all in earshot to your coffee and Addy shits in the Lippincott bathroom, or strut to the bathroom down the hall as an opportunity to SABS. After an exhausting chat with your sorority sisters and/or fraternity brothers, you close the study session with some GrubHubbed Pod or Serafina.

Huntsman GSR: You’re either a Whartonite or an imposter who had someone book a GSR for you. You consider Excel a Varsity sport, and writing on the whiteboards makes you feel official. You think the perfectly functional (read: Newer than any other penn building) third floor GSRs are for plebes and you take your social hour to the Forum instead. Your dinners consist exclusively of Honeygrow stir–fries, which you pick at while ranting about how OCR is soooo hard.

Van Pelt, Floors Three through Five: You actually put time into finding an open cubicle where a sad graduate student has left books for his research paper. Alarmingly, you don’t mind studying in what’s basically a run–down warehouse with linoleum floors and fluorescent lights. Somehow you can function without sunlight. Though you don’t know what time of day it is, you’re grateful for place to catch up on your favorite Netflix show in peace.

Van Pelt, Floor Six: Naptime, end of story.

Law School Library: You like booths, but don’t want to bother booking one in Weigle Information Commons in advance. You have enough free time to walk all the way over to Sansom, and you know to get decent coffee at Avril 50 or Fed 'Nuts. You’d rather not run into everyone you know while studying, but you also wouldn’t mind picking up a hot law student to look through your briefs.

Fisher Fine Arts: You’re the kind of person who carries a pencil pouch, takes notes by hand in class and makes study guides. You stomach the actually–thorough bag checks. You probably study something humanities related, and you’re organized enough to finish working before midnight. You glare at people who break the silence by unzipping their backpacks, and you’ve probably instagrammed a photo of how ~collegiate~ your school’s library is.

Starbucks Under Commons: You come with half of your srat to admire the fake fireplace and pretend to get work done. Despite the clamor of the loud TV and shouting undergrads, somehow you occasionally manage to accomplish something like answering emails or booking your oh–so–volatile spring break plans. You’re just as basic as the black leggings you wear here.

BioMed Library: You hide from people. 

Education Commons: If you’re not an athlete sporting your red and blue apparel, you don’t belong here. The only work you do comes out of your Nike Penn Athletics backpack. Athlete study hall is your social hour, and where you met most of your friends. You probably value comfort over productivity, but the football players fell asleep on all the bean bags before you could grab one.

HubBub: You’re the kind of person who can get yourself out of bed at 7 a.m. for a productive morning. You arrive early enough to snag a table where you can enjoy your overpriced latté or cold pressed juice that you now have punch card for. After your laptop dies and you realize the two working outlets are taken, you use Hubbub to obsess over your date night choice and fill yourself in on what happened last night. You text your friends to come cram onto the bench designed to fit one person, and borrow chairs from your neighbor who is having a corporate interview.

Your Room: You’re a SWUG and you like to pretend that you can be productive by studying in bed, aka taking intermittent Netflix breaks and falling asleep. You’re probably covered in popcorn and dirty sheets.


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