Street is looking to spice up our love lives. The Tech sex–tion brainstormed, and we were curious—what’s up with those high tech sex toys? Could one toy connected to your phone go where no other toy has gone before?

Street has been looking to spice up our love lives, so the Tech sex–tion brainstormed, and we were curious—what’s up with those high–tech sex toys? Could one toy connected to your phone go where no other toy (or dick) has gone before?

On Sunday, we attempted to shake off our hangovers and headed down to 2nd and Market Streets in search of some new-age please. Greek Lady cheese fries in hand, we hopped out of the uber at Penn's Landing and wandered into Kink Shoppe, whose absentminded saleswoman had seemingling forgotten to flip the CLOSED sign to open. 

The store was extremely well organized. Dildos and vibrators lined the walls, while the middle of the store was devoted to a large black structure with a ring attached to it (Ed. Note: we still don't know what this was for). On the back walls, there was a large assortment of whips, ropes and bondage gear.

But we weren't here for BDSM. We had heard of vibrators that connected to apps before, but we weren’t really sure how they would work at all. We made a beeline for a friendly–looking saleswoman, and she eagerly introduced us to a couple of awesome, albeit pricey, options.

First up was We–Vibe. We–Vibe has been making seriously cool sex toys for the last couple of years, but the We­–Vibe 4 Plus is easily the most popular. Designed to be worn during sex, this dual stimulation vibe can be used under clothes and for both same–sex or hetero couples. The We–Vibe 4 Plus stays in place really well, and is designed to be used with lube. The app is super user–friendly, and makes it easy to control the dual motors, adjusting vibration settings for intensity and frequency. The coolest feature can be utilized by long­­–distance couples. The app pairs with a phone and has a feature to connect with your partner. Thanks to We–Vibe 4 Plus, your boyfriend who goes to Dartmouth can control your ~vibes~ during Skype sex (Ed. Note: good, we needed Skype sex to be more weird than it already is)

We were also curious about the Minna Kegel Trainer vibrator. What are kegels, you may ask, and more importantly, am I doing them right??  The Minna takes the guesswork out of the entire thing. By inserting the air filled vibrator inside of you, you can track the strength of how hard your pelvic floor muscles are squeezing. The app is connected via Bluetooth, and has games that you can play with a set amount of time you’ll be squeezing. You can track your progress and show history. The only downfall of the app, lamented the saleswoman, was that you can’t compare your kegel stats online with friends, à la Fitbit.

The third app–enabled vibrator we looked at was called Blue Motion. This vibrator is designed to be worn with a pair of panties that come with itd evice also has a very cool voice responsive mode; speak into the vibrator and your voice will be translated into vibration. Pro tip: the device works with any underwear. Don't fall for the  miniature pair that comes included.

In case the instructions are too complicated for you or you really just want to maximize your device, Kink Shoppe also offers classes. The board in the back of the store offered classes titled Picking Up the Ropes: An Intro to Rope Bondage, and From Harness to Hog Tie: Intermediate Rope Bondage with Sir Brian. Oh, did we mention there's a hefty student discount? See you there ;).