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Hannah Noyes


Election Reflection: Hannah Noyes C'17

My entire life I have struggled with my voter identity.

Fly Away

How spin classes saved me.

Assembly Rooftop Lounge

A whopping price tag for an underwhelming experience.

In Defense of Monogamy

From a reformed fuckgirl.


My week as a page for the Republican National Convention

How to Survive Your Office's Happy Hour

Close out of that Excel sheet and get your drank on like an adult. 

Downtown Is Not a Downgrade

I’ve learned to do my own thing, and, more importantly, learned what “my own thing” is.

Into: For Curating Your Obsessions

You only get five choices. Choose wisely.

Tech goes back to the Basics

Learn from our mistakes to survive fling.

What Just Changed on Instagram and Snapchat

Because we were confused, too.

Dispatch: WeTrain

We tried it, but you probably should too.

WeTrain: The Uber of Personal Training

What do Penn Students, former professional soccer player  and your 86–year old grandpa have in common? They all use WeTrain.

Tredici Enoteca: Like Zavino But Not As Good

Zavino’s newly opened sister restaurant fails to impress. 

Everything You Need for Your Off-Campus Kitchen

Because what else would we spend our college budget on?

Your Spring Break Fitbit Log

We tracked three girls' fitness habits over spring break, just to make you feel shittier about the fact that your average BAC that week was .3.

What the Hell is Lagom

"It doesn't actually do anything, it's just cool."

Pro/Con: Photo Editing Apps

To blur or not to blur?

Street goes to Kink Shoppe

Street is looking to spice up our love lives. The Tech sexxxtion brainstormed, and we were curious– what’s up with those high tech sex toys?

Podcasts Are The New Black

They're not just those things your dad won't shut up about.

Tech's Guide to Hibernation

Last week’s winter storm Jonas had us the opposite of hot and bothered. The 20+ inches of snow we got made leaving the house a whole lot of nope.
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