Forrest Gump

As if the theatrical ending wasn’t sad enough, the original one had young Forrest screaming to the older one, “You’re not my daddy! My mommy is a lying whore!” Wow, bring on the feels!



Roughly the same as the one you saw in theaters, the original cut had the top spin for an extra five minutes while the camera gradually zoomed in on it. Talk about suspense!


The Shawshank Redemption

Before director Frank Darabont decided to go with the current ending that we all know and love, he wanted to go with an ending that had Andy Dufresne stop in the middle of crawling through the sewage tunnel, look into the camera and say “Now that’s a shitty situation!” before rolling credits.



In a nod to the film’s dedicated sponsors, the original ending revealed that the box contained a gallon of Chobani black cherry yogurt, but that ending was cut right before release. Now we have no idea what kind of yogurt was in the box.

(Reddit user JoeDaEskimo)

The Usual Suspects

The film initially had Verbal Kint screw up and elect to name his shady lawyer “Microwave safe” rather than “Kobayashi,” foiling his entire convoluted story and resulting in him being taken out of the station in handcuffs. Not sure why they changed that one.



The awesome drum solo at the end almost didn’t happen as, originally, Andrew got his feelings too hurt by his abusive conductor Terence Fletcher, deciding to quit drums and become a gardener instead. Let’s hope he made the right choice!



In the original ending, during the final bloody shootout, Tony Montana has a change of heart and yells, “Say hello to my little friend… Kindness!” before dropping his gun and hugging everyone in the hit squad that was just trying to kill him. Sounds like they missed the opportunity to make this one a family classic.


The Sixth Sense

In maybe the most iconic twist of all–time, the original ending luckily didn’t stray too far from the theatrical one, but took it a bit further by having Bruce Willis say to himself, “Oh wait, that does make a lot of sense. No one has talked to me in months except for this strange boy. I can’t believe I’m a spooky ghost. That’s pretty cool,” upon the revelation that he has been dead the entire time. M. Night Shyamalan is full of surprises!



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