Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and sadly, some people here at Penn won't be with their loved ones to celebrate the day. Thankfully, in the year 2016, it's easier than ever to send off a quick sexy text to whoever you want to set the mood. We decided to interview members of the Penn community to find out just where we stand on sexting. Here are some of our favorite answers.

Have you ever sexted?

  • No.
  • Where is this going...
  • Uh...pass. Just kidding! Maybe once or twice.
  • No.
  • Yes.
  • When the mood strikes.
  • Yeah, I sext. Quite often. A few times a day.
  • I don't sext. There are plenty of bodies in Hill.

What's your definition of sexting?

  • Nudes, or descriptive messages.
  • I think I'd draw sexting at, like, you'd have to send a picture—an explicit picture of yourself...I draw a difference between sexting and like, an erotic message.
  • There's a difference between the two in terms of creativity. But you can be creative with the picture too.
  • Talking about, ya know, like, being dirty over text if you send a wink face back, that's not sexting, but if you're like, "I wanna FUCK you", that's sexting, I think.
  • When you are trying to sexually arouse someone over text.
  • Pictures. Not words. Not huge on dirty talking.
  • Dirty talk...always iMessage. Green is not hot. It's a pretty ugly color. I mean, it's not sexual, like, I don't want to fuck nature.
  • Dick pic.
  • Whatever gets people going through text. The occasional dick pic. Something designed to elicit the physical arousal response.
  • Anything that has to do with sex, I'd say.
  • I think sexting really only starts once the pictures start flowing.

Face or no face?

  • No face. Gotta keep it anonymous. Snapchat has revolutionized the nudes game.
  • On Snapchat? No face. For texting? Face.
  • No face. What if you run for office?
  • I've never sent a picture, but if you made me, I would put in my face. 
  • I've been with my boyfriend for two years, so at this point I send pictures with my face in it, but if you're gonna sext some random guy or someone you've been hooking up with on and off, I would say no face.
  • No face is kind of dehumanizing. That's the problem with like, the oversexualization of women's bodies. But like at the same time, it's very incriminating.
  • No face, obviously.
  • No face. You gotta let the dick speak for itself.
  • No face. I might run for president someday.
  • No face. Maybe lips.

How would you respond to getting a random dick/tit pic?

  • I would laugh.
  • If it's a Snapchat and it's under five seconds, I'm startled and a little annoyed, but I'm not upset.
  • I would probably ignore it, or be like, "not the time".
  • I'd probably be going around showing people to embarrass them.
  • Random dick pics, I think, are the funniest thing to grace this earth. Like, I really enjoy them because I'm just like, why? How?
  • Once my boyfriend asked me for nudes, and I sent him a dick pic that I had received.
  • It would be a great day.
  • I actually have. Back in the days of when Snapchat was becoming a thing, really creepy guys would put on the iTunes reviews, like, "ladies please message me at whatever", so I added one guy, his name was "best in the west", and so I sent him a picture of my roommate's ass, just unsolicited...and then all of a sudden I just started getting dick pics. Like a lot, all from the same guy. I had to block him.
  • I'd probably send my face back, like, "who is this?"


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