What to Stream:

Starting this Friday, you can stream Judd Apatow's new Netflix original series Love. Continuing his trademarks of awkward realistic dialogue and immature adults who look like they just moved out of their Jewish parents' basement, the 40–Year–Old Virgin director tries his hand at midlife romanticism yet again.

Season one of Better Call Saul just hit Netflix. Since all the bros have changed their conversation starters from, "Have you seen Breaking Bad?" to "Did you see Better Call Saul?," make sure you see it so you have something to talk about other than sports.

Might as well clean out Netflix while you're at it. The World of Tomorrow is a sixteen–minute Oscar–nominated short about a little girl who goes on an animated journey of her distant future. It's pretty lit.

What to Bring Up in Film Class:

The Twin Peaks reboot is gaining some serious star–power with the purported addition of Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Laura Dern and more. T–minus approximately one year until we're back in upstate Washington with the Log Lady and some giants.

There's a new trailer for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters and we're not sure how to feel. Besides looking militarized and corny as hell, the teaser has a total of zero ghosts and no marshmallow men.

What to Get Your Ass Out of Bed For:

Riding a wave of universal acclaim into theaters this weekend, Robert Egger's The Witch is set to make your Friday night extra spooky and Puritanical. Set in New England long before the Salem Witch Trials, this movie has it all: inspo from The Shining, period–accurate sets and a scary goat.

As part of QPenn Week: Power, make sure to hit up Queer and Asian Movie Night on Friday at 8p.m. They'll be watching Eat With Me, the story of a gay Chinese American man and his complicated maternal relationship.


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