A few years back, iPhone games were all the rage. I still remember those long–lost high school free periods that I spent sitting in the cafeteria, actively ignoring my friends so I could focus my complete attention on that week's hottest—or dumbest—game. But have you ever wondered what your old choice in iPhone game says about your personality now? Worry no more, because you're about to find out.

Words With Friends

You want to have fun, but you also want to feel smart while you do so. Nothing satisfies you more than hitting the triple word score box or using all seven of your letters. You're an English major and you don't let any of your friends forget it. Please, tell me more about how you're the next great American author.

Draw Something

You're a little bit of a wild card. Sometimes you put effort into your drawings, but sometimes you just make the drawing as fucked up as possible so your adversary gives up and you get the maximum amount of coins. You probably skip classes frequently and then ask your classmates what the homework is even though you have a copy of the syllabus just like the rest of us.

Candy Crush

You're not quite a trendsetter, but you wish you were. You probably wear Canada Goose and Adidas Stan Smiths while you SABS in Frontera. Yes, you should definitely finsta that pic. No, don't use a filter. No one uses filters anymore.

Angry Birds

We honestly have nothing to say to you. What the fuck? You're better than this. It's 2016.

Temple Run

You refuse to play Temple Run 2 because you're stubborn and think that it's a cheap knockoff of the original. You can be found in Pottruck every day, but funnily enough, it never seems to be leg day. Why work out your physical legs when you have virtual ones that work just fine?


You're a problem solver, and you love logic. You've probably made it to at least the 4096 tile in this game, and whenever you screw up your strategy, you let loose an extremely audible "FUCK!" into the hallways of DRL.


You're a purist, uninterested in whatever fad is currently sweeping the nation. You know what you like and you are unapologetic. You find yourself eating in Commons every night, with or without friends, because you're still on the meal plan and you're going to get your money's worth, goddammit!

Flappy Bird

You're either a masochist, or you hate yourself. That's about it.


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