1. You treat animals like therapists

Whenever life gets you down, you turn to your dog, cat, miniature dragon, tiger or neighborhood squirrel to talk it out. Disney has taught you that animals understand your struggles and can help you make informed decisions about what your next moves should be. 

2.  Fruit stands manned by older women make you uneasy

Ever since Snow White bit into that apple, stranger danger alert has been on high for elderly women with fruit. While of course true love’s first kiss will always get you out of a jam, you and your S.O. aren't sure if you're at that level yet and you don't want to take any chances. Trust no one. 

3.  The concept of kissing a frog is one you frequently entertain

You know that there is a slight chance that he will turn human and hunky and will be eternally grateful to you for restoring him to his human state. Who wouldn't want someone like Prince Naveen at their disposal? 

4. Whenever life gets emotionally charged you feel the urge to sing

Late to class? Sing it out. Fail an exam? Sing it out. Don't get invited to that date night you thought you were going to? Sing it out. Think your dad is potentially a Greek god? Sing it out. See, it's very versatile. 

5. You've thought of forks as back up hairbrushes for the majority of your life

It worked when Ariel did it, and her hair has been whole life so you know her tangles are legit. Plus it's more fun to ask someone if they have a dinglehopper than if they have a hair- brush. 

6. You've toyed with the concept of turning drapery into clothing

It worked so beautifully in Enchanted that you just know you could do the same. Plus, muted floral pat- terns are in again, so you'd be hella trendy. 

7. You've always been slightly disappointed by how your hair looks

Whether it's Prince Eric's perfectly coiffed hair, Pocahontas’ beautiful wind blown locks, Ariel’s fresh–out–of–water ginger masterpiece or Flynn Riders epic hair flipping skills, non cartoon hair always seems to fall flat. 

8. Being out past midnight makes you nervous AF

You kind of feel like an imposter post midnight, like people will realize you aren't actually that sceney and they know you'd rather be binge watching Grey’s Anatomy than going to the third frat house of the night. Also, the delineation of your makeup is very similar to Cinderella’s post midnight transformation. 

9. You refuse to set mouse traps because you know rodents are always on your side

Whether it be the sweet and British accented mice from the Rescuers, Gus Gus from Cinderella, all the happy creatures from Bambi or Snow White or Meeko the raccoon from Pocahontas, rodents have proven to be the craftiest, most resourceful and altogether best friends you could have. 


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