Death Valley, California

Talk about fun in the sun. With temperatures approaching 140 degrees, Death Valley is the perfect place to forget about those brutal 55-degree temperatures back in Philly.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Looking to get away from that obnoxious, boisterous Penn scene? Puerto Vallarta is a little–known destination that is perfect if you don’t want to be annoyed by any drunk college ruffians.

Camden, New Jersey

Only a few miles away from Philly, Camden is a cute little town that just screams relaxation, as its citizens scream in reaction to recent homicides. It recently lost its status as the most dangerous city in the United States, so you know you can count on Camden for a much–needed quiet week off.


Spring break and alcohol go hand-in-hand, right? Lucky for you, Moldova has the world’s highest per capita incidence of alcoholism! Awesome!

North Korea

The best of the Koreas, North Korea is full of residents willing to welcome any friendly tourist face that may come their way. You’ll never want (or be able) to leave!

The Ottoman Empire

It fell in 1923, but residents have been turning up ever since. Join the Sick Man of Europe at the sickest party.


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