Your one stop shop on campus for salads, soup, sandwiches and coffee has added yet another reason for you to forget about your dining plan. Kitchen Gia’s new juices feature seasonal ingredients straight from the farm whenever possible, add-ins like avocado oil and whey protein to actually fill you up and absolutely no artificial sweeteners.

They’re made fresh as you order them, so you can see the whole fruits and vegetables going into your drink instead of the pre–mixed blends other stores often use. These juices aren’t trying to trick you into thinking they’re healthy; you can see for yourself that they actually are. But don’t worry, if you’re in a rush Kitchen Gia will also have pre-bottled juices made fresh every morning for you to grab and go. The masterminds behind these juices have seriously thought through it all.

The cherry on top of it all is the three day cleanse that Marco Lentini, the Founder and President of Kitchen Gia, just finished over which (we kid you not) he lost nine pounds in three days and still felt energetic to boot. This is no starvation diet; this is a timed out and well–planned combination of six juices and two shots. You wake up to a G. A. L. K. (ginger, apple, lemon, kale) shot to get your day going with some anti-inflammatory goodness. The juices then start out on the greener side, and slowly add more fruits to give you more energy as the day goes on. You finish the day 30–60 minutes before going to bed with a high protein and healthy fat (non–dairy) shake. The raw organic cacao, dehydrated peanuts, almond milk and coconut oil will help you recover from the day and make sure you don’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

To make it easy for you, we’ve analyzed the juice options to determine the best time to pick one up:

When you were in VP until 3 a.m., and are back at it six hours later: Protein Shake + a double shot of espresso

The beauty of a place with this many options is being able to add La Colombe espresso when you need that extra kick. The coconut oil will slow down the absorption of the caffeine to keep you going longer

After an aggressive night at Smokes' (or even the Quad): Penn Purifier

Dwight Schrute swears by beets for a reason—the beet juice in this drink will help detoxify your poor, poor liver. Mix that together with kale, green apple, celery, cucumber, and lemon, and you’ve got yourself a veritable hangover cure.

To get you through the mid–afternoon crash: Watermelon cucumber limeade

The refreshing cucumber, watermelon, lime and mint combo will give you the pick– me–up you desperately need. At the same time it’ll minimize bloating, and watermelon juice’s high citrulline (an amino acid) content has been shown to interfere with the accumulation of fat in cells.

If you're missing spring break: Pineapple coconut smoothie

This baby’s got pineapple, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil and chia seeds all in one drink. It’s basically the healthier version of Buddy the elf ’s four basic food groups (candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup).

Stop by Kitchen Gia to try these out for yourself! $8 for a
16 oz juice, $1-2 per add–in, and $55 for one day of a cleanse.


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