He only ever ate three raisins in his whole life

And each was better than the last.

He refused to use words ending with a silent ‘E’

So brave courageous.

He had to overcome his fear of prime numbers to create the first Disney movie

More than anything, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a tale of its creator’s inspiring redemption.

Disney frequently employed intimidation tactics on his competition

He would draw pictures of rival Fleischer Brothers’ characters being maimed and tortured by Mickey Mouse and deliver them to their doorstep. Who knew Walt was so generous?!

He killed Bambi’s mother himself

Unbelievable dedication to his craft.

Just days before his death, he stole the idea for Netflix from Mark Zuckerberg

The world thanks you for House of Cards, Walt.

He ordered his salads without lettuce

“Those glorified leaves will never be welcome on my plate.” -Walt Disney

Walt Disney was on the committee to decide stoplight colors

He wanted blue, gold and grey.

He had a phobia of museums

He was often quoted saying they smell like old people.

He discovered his love for drawing by accident

After his mom took away his favorite toothbrush when he got in trouble at school, he had nothing to do but draw pictures of it. It was then that he learned of his remarkable talent. Wow.


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