We live in a technologically connected world, from our phones to our computers to our tablets, and depending on who you ask, that's either a great thing or a bad thing. Well, if you ask me, I think it's fucking stellar. I say, give me all the bacon and eggs smart technology you have. Cover me head to toe in that shit. And you know what? That's actually entirely possible. What we have here is Street's short guide to wearable technology. Check this shit out.


Do you wear pants? Do you have an iPhone? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you seriously need to check out the new #Hello jeans by Joe's Jeans. They're just like normal jeans, except you can charge your phone in them, which is pretty convenient. They're perfect for those nights when you have class until late and don't have time to charge your phone before heading out and taking a million drunk snaps. Unfortunately, the pocket is only big enough to fit an iPhone 5, 5s, or 6, so sorry to everyone who has a behemoth iPhone 6 Plus (seriously, why did you buy this in the first place? It's too big, it's too wide, it's too strong, it won't fit, your phone has a big ego). The #Hello jeans can be yours for the price of only $189, but the special charger pack that actually does the charging is sold separately for $50. Rats.


Now we have the PoloTech Shirt from Ralph Lauren, for all you brand name betches. This shirt is perfect for when you're SABSing on the third floor of Pottruck with the rest of your #sisters. It works by downloading the special PoloTech App from the App Store and putting it on either your iPhone or your Apple Watch (if you actually have one of those). Special fibers woven into the fabric of the shirt track your heart rate and other athletic information and report this information back to the app via a Bluetooth box on the back of the shirt. And don't worry, it's super affordable at the low, low price of $295.00. 


Okay, so you've got the basics, but now you need some shoes. We've got you covered with the Light Up LED Bolt shoes from Electric Styles. They're the cheapest item on the list at $74.97, and they're basically the adult version of light–up Sketchers. Dope, right? Right. They come in white, black and gray, so they won't ruin your #aesthetic. The sole of the shoe is encapsulated by a ring of LED lights, and are perfect for all the '80s–themed mixers in your futures. 


In order to finish off this smart (double–meaning, haha) look, the perfect accessory is the LEAF necklace by Bellabeat. This necklace tracks your physical activity, sleep cycle and menstrual cycle (for all the people with vaginas out there). There's no price yet, because it hasn't ~technically~ come out yet, but I'm not expecting it to be cheap. You better hurry if you want it, because the wait list is 96% full, and you don't wanna be the one girl in your pledge class without one. Hurry hurry!


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