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Eva Ingber


Looking For a Sign To Change Up Your Hair? This One’s For You

Here are some tips and tricks to help you cut that sassy bob and nail that dye job during quarantine.

A Fortnite Guide for the Perplexed

Fortnite serves as an oasis of sorts, a place to go to escape reality rather than be reminded of it. Perhaps, it’s time I give the game a try. 

Pride Month Has Passed, But These Heartfelt LGBTQIA+ Films Endure

From forbidden love stories to informative documentaries, here are some films to watch whether or not it's Pride Month. 

Mainstream TV Should Make More Shows Like Normal People

Sally Rooney’s novel is exactly the kind of story teens should see on television

Life, Interrupted

Coping with the present while longing for the past— when will things be “normal” again?

An Ode to the Audiobook

Why audiobooks are the perfect quarantine escape

The Dawn of a New Era: How TikTok is Changing the Music Industry

The way the increasingly popular social media app is allowing the masses to communicate with the music industry

Making Face Masks Trendy: Distasteful or Encouraging?

The practicality of the gear is intended to protect us; maybe transforming it into an accessory will incentivize their wear

Penn 10: Sam Friskey

Four years ago, Sam Friskey never predicted she’d become an award–winning playwright and staunch environmentalist.  Now, she's both.

Love in the Time of Covid–19

How couples are coping with being forced apart and forced together. 

Are Coronavirus Memes Insensitive or a Coping Mechanism?

Internet jokes unite a population living in fear. 

'Changes' is Bieber's Anti–Climactic Comeback

There was more diversity and nuance in his elementary albums. 

Meet Devon Inman | Army Veteran Turned Aspiring Restauranteur

The 26–year old junior wants to bring his military experience to the kitchen. 

When Shows Leave Netflix, Where Do They Go?

The lowdown on what happened with "Friends," and where you can find it now.
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